Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification Book this Course

The secret of the world’s most successful Life coaches is the array of powerful strategies they have at their disposal to create effective, lasting change in any case that presents itself. Our integrated Life Coach and NLP Certification programme – offered by no other institute – puts these strategies directly in your hands. A truly professional coach will be certified in both complementary disciplines.


Course details Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

Time frame Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification
Prepare for 9 full days of intense training and practical examination. Courses run from Saturday to the following Sunday for minimal disruption to work obligations. Start at 9am and finish no later than 6pm. The first 7 days reveal the principles and techniques employed by top coaches. The 8th day is for self-study and practical preparation for exams on the 9th day, followed by certification and graduation.  Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

Costs Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification
BOOK NOW by paying your booking fee of R 2500 and reserve your seat.                

Outcome: Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

The Life Coach element of the training focuses on creating action and motion to ensure your client achieves a balanced goal orientated life. The NLP element assist with removing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering subconscious thought patterns that brings about true change in our lives and that of our clients. The complimentary disciplines of Life Coaching and NLP is extremely powerful in unlocking the true potential in yourself and your clients.
Our training is designed to revolutionize our student’s thought patterns. You will learn skills and techniques to effectively create long lasting improvement to your life and be able to create positive change in others. The tools and techniques you will learn will provide you with a real edge to bring about positive change. At this course participants will learn how to apply Life Coaching and NLP effectively. You will be taught to become an NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach. It is 2 courses/skill sets that have been combined into 1 powerful course.  Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification
Benefit  Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

On successful completion you may join ( for free) the Mental Combat Coaching Community. It is a body of previous students that meet approximately every 6 weeks to share experiences, new techniques, refresh old learning’s and uplift one another.

This course is designed to install a new “frame of mind”. You will have a clear understanding on the basic functionality of how the mind works.

You will be trained by an Internationally Certified Master and Trainer in NLP and Life Coaching. The subjects are taught individually yet the skills are integrated for high performance and efficiency.

This course is designed to install skills and techniques. NLP is acclaimed for its “magic” techniques. NLP is widely used to support a variety of psychological behaviors.

Many of us live with fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, unwanted programs and obsessive behaviors which we wish we could change. With NLP you can Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

We teach a wide range of personal change techniques so no person any longer has to ‘live with’ the problem. Do you want to bring about positive change or a new “frame of mind” in others? This course is designed to equip you with the required skills and techniques to become a Professional NLP Life Coach.  Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

Our World has become increasingly complex and interconnected. We have busy and active lives into which we seek to fit more and more.

So many more people are now seeking NLP Coaching because it offers them an opportunity to create real lasting change into their lives. This includes individuals, business, and professionals searching for specific guidance and support. At its basic level, NLP Coaching is about helping someone move from where they are to where they want to get to.

Some Subjects  Combined Life Coach & NLP Certification

Maps of the World

What is NLP?

What is Life Coaching



Belief Change

Behavioral Frames

Fun Goal Setting Activities


Sensory Acuity

Generalisation, Deletion and Distortion

Calibrating to good / bad reaction

Calibrate to your own state of congruence

State Elicitation Exercise


Problem solving techniques and questions

Changing to a ‘Towards’ Strategy Exercise

Reversal Questions

The Disney Pattern

Well Formed Outcomes

Goal Setting


Knowing your strengths and playing to your strengths

Staying in a Great StateMilton ModelCreating Presuppositions ChunkingProactive / ReactiveSub modalities

Critical Distinctions

Fast Phobia Cure

Swish Pattern Exercise

Godiva Chocolate Pattern Exercise

T.O.T.E. and Strategies


Milton Model

GROW  Predicates

Predicate Words

Eye Accessing Cues

VAKOG Language

Changing Feelings


Meta Programs

Motivation Traits

Working Traits

The Resource Triangle Exercise

Getting to the real problem

Logical Levels

Alignment of Self

A Strategy for Responding to Criticism

New behaviour generator


Pattern Interrupts and Break States

Backtrack Frame

Perceptual Positions

Meta Model

Precision Model

Meta Model & Logical Levels

Meta Model Distinctions

A Strategy for Responding to Criticism Exercise

Parts and Framing

Conflicting Parts Exercise

Parts Integration Process (the ‘Visual Squash) Exercise

The parts Party Process Exercise

In Time / Through Time

Timeline Change Personal History

Six Step Re frame

Re framing

Unpacking a Problem

Important points for a Life Coach to know

and more…….

If you are passionate to become an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach this course is the best value course on offer in South Africa.


Mental Combat is a proud product of the internationally acclaimed Action Factory Life coach academy, NLP training institute & corporate training centre